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Technology Consulting

Staying grounded while reaching for the cloud.

With Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Edge computing, and the cloud, IT has become more dynamic, distributed, and service-oriented. Still, many business customers see value in a hybrid IT portfolio, with traditional data centers and centralized servers as part of the mix. With this complex balance in mind, Altman Solon delivers tailor-made strategies to technology providers in fast-changing markets across the digital world.


Technology Consulting Focus Areas

Software and SaaS

As software continues its transformation from a product to a service, providers face new challenges in determining pricing and market strategies. We assist a range of application publishers and their investors with aligning their products and services to market needs, optimizing portfolios and pricing structures for performance, market expansion and entry, and Go-To-Market acceleration. Software solutions have become ubiquitous and have become more “verticalized” to better answer the needs of certain industry sectors. Altman Solon works with software companies in the Healthcare (HealthTech), Marketing (MarTech), and Financial (FinTech) sectors, and across domains such as IT (ITOM/SM), ERP, and Cybersecurity.

Cloud Infrastructure

Technology infrastructure has forever changed with the rapid transition into cloud services, but most businesses still want a hybrid of cloud and traditional systems. We help Cloud and data center providers identify new opportunities, better address offerings to match customer needs, and optimize their operations. We also help clients grasp new opportunities in the Cloud, such as evaluating how to collaborate with the major public cloud providers and understanding new technologies like SD-WAN and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

IT Services and Distribution

The evolution of applications and infrastructure to cloud-based services has brought massive downstream implications to the firms that sell, re-sell, deploy, and manage technology for their clients. We help these firms understand and anticipate the pivots they need to make to succeed in this new era, develop new services and capabilities, and identify and evaluate attractive M&A targets.

Technology Insights