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Our Culture

We bring meaningful impact to our clients, our community, and our own lives.

Having the culture you want to have doesn’t happen by accident.

With members of our firm coming from different backgrounds and contributing different skills, we have to work deliberately to build a culture of excellence, respect, and trust, with our values guiding us along the way. At Altman Solon, we have a set of shared values that guide how we interact with each other, our clients and partners, and our communities.

"One of my favorite memories at the firm is the New Consultant Training in Austria, where I met many colleagues from around the world and realized how cool and fun folks are at Altman Solon. I appreciate that while being a global firm, we still have the opportunity to meet many of our colleagues, especially in our region, in a matter of months after joining."

Mateusz Łukaszewski, Consultant - Warsaw

"I really enjoy working in a stimulating environment alongside a diverse group of fun people. In addition, working with European teams and traveling to different offices for projects keeps the work very thrilling."

Dina Aligod, Consultant - Paris

"Talented people and unique industry expertise are what makes Altman Solon an ideal place to build a consulting career. Learning every day and contributing to delivering impactful content to our clients gives me a real sense of accomplishment in my role."

Halima Laraki, Manager, Paris

"Beyond the relationships I have developed with my coworkers and the exciting travel experiences supported by the firm, Altman Solon has really lived up to its promise of not placing limits on opportunities to advance and take on more responsibility."

Paul Linehan, Manager - London to Singapore

"Altman Solon is a very people-focused and truly international company, where we regularly work with colleagues not only in our geographic region but across our offices in APAC and North America and can share interesting cultural insights. It’s also encouraging to see the value the firm puts on supporting female employees by organizing workshops and mentorship programs to cultivate a work environment where we can develop our careers and have work-life balance."

Margherita Mura, Consultant, Analytics Innovation - Milan

"Behind our TMT focus lie an incredible variety of topics, challenging yet exciting projects, and renowned expertise. Joining from abroad, the London team has been truly welcoming and our Europe-wide staffing provides the strong diversity I was looking for."

Alexandre Suertegaray, Analyst - London

"During my first projects with Altman Solon, I was gradually given more responsibility, overseeing junior team members and owning a section of the project, while receiving all the support and feedback needed from more senior members of the team. I enjoy learning a lot and working with my teammates on and off projects and look forward to the challenges and opportunities for growth ahead."

Misha Sebastian, Manager - Sydney

"My role at Altman Solon allows me to work on interesting and complex business problems while also providing great opportunities for career growth. Also, everyone at the firm is very supportive and inclusive, and it is very common not only to be colleagues but also friends outside of work."

Pierpaolo Di Tucci, Consultant - Boston

"I often reflect on how much I have learned since my first day at Altman Solon and the skills I have been able to develop through my project work. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with a global team and contributing to client work on four projects already. I am excited for the projects to come. Participating in building the firm’s culture through getting involved in internal initiatives has also been very fulfilling."

Beatriz Egido Maestre, Consultant - Paris

Our Core Values

Trusted by clients

Building client trust requires that we consistently produce outstanding work, deliver on our promises, maintain confidentiality, and act with transparency. It means putting the interests of our clients ahead of those of the individual or the firm and giving true advice – not necessarily saying just what people want to hear but rather saying what is best for the client’s business.

Produce outstanding and innovative advice

Our thought leadership in Telecommunications, Media, and Technology is the main reason why we get hired. And we maintain those relationships over years or even decades by taking responsibility for our assignments, working efficiently, supporting each other, and further developing our expertise.

Develop people

Attracting great people is not enough: we must provide opportunity, resources, and mentoring to help each other reach our full potential. This also means not adhering to a rigid, traditional career advancement system but instead fostering a performance-based culture that is fair and understood by everyone. While our goal is to help all our colleagues flourish at Altman Solon, we also help them develop the skills to pursue success anywhere in the TMT fields and beyond.

Act with integrity

In business and life, we sometimes face situations in which we have to decide whether or not to take the “high road”. At Altman Solon, we always choose that path, and we believe integrity matters in all of our actions – all the time, including in how we treat our colleagues and how we serve our clients. This also means being forthright in our advice to clients in a way that informs and enlightens them.

Treat everyone with respect

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or any other status protected by applicable law. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. We also believe that respect goes further, and that we must do more than not discriminating to ensure that colleagues across all levels and offices as well as our business associates feel valued, respected, and included. We believe in working together both on- and off-projects in a respectful and constructive manner and ensuring that everyone feels they have a voice and the support of each other.

Are you ready to join the team at Altman Solon?

If these values appeal to you, please consider becoming a contributor to the positive, productive culture at Altman Solon. We offer top clients, fascinating projects across six continents, dynamic growth, collaborative colleagues, and opportunities for personal development.