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Go to Market Strategy


Preparing for Success

You’re getting ready to launch a new product or service – or you know your company needs a new direction to compete in a changing market. It’s an exciting time, but it also brings uncertainty, logistical challenges, and a whole lot of work.

Altman Solon has engaged in thousands of Go to Market initiatives for our TMT clients, tapping our industry expertise, financial understanding, and analytical strength to create plans for success. We are the calm, experienced advisor amid the GTM swirl, ensuring that your new big product or direction has a big benefit for your company.

We start with a comprehensive market evaluation and a thorough assessment of a client’s capabilities. Then we identify product and service concepts that our clients can develop and launch in the marketplace using innovative pricing, media, and channel strategies.

Our expertise includes: product development, pricing, marketing and sales restructuring, establishing operations, and managing the critical first weeks after the launch of a new product or service offering.

We have decades of experience in developing new business for our TMT clients: from the development of new media offers for TV and the Internet, to designing pay TV packages, to creating new broadband offerings or mobile devices.

This expertise means that we bring invaluable knowledge and experience to the product development process, as well as its introduction and distribution, and preparation for mass-market operations.

As you prepare to Go to Market, Altman Solon can advise and support you at every single step of the way.

Go to Market Insights