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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Across our 13 offices, we are committed to a culture of belonging that allows everyone to thrive, bring their authentic selves to work, and contribute their unique perspectives to the work we do. We support our diverse teams through equitable practices and the value of inclusive leadership as a fundamental pillar of our culture. We acknowledge and support the needs and goals of our diverse staff through a variety of initiatives hosted over the course of the year and led by our Diversity, Inclusion, Visibility, and Equity umbrella organization, known as DIVE.

"One of the most important traits of a true leader is the ability to empower and develop people to operate at their full potential. Our commitment to DE&I is a commitment to our people to enable them to create meaningful impact for our clients and our firm."

Diane Leung, Partner, Altman Solon

"With a diverse mix of voices and perspectives, we can have more fruitful conversations and drive better outcomes for ourselves, the company, and our clients. As a leader at Altman Solon, I feel empowered to be a part of the conversation and pave a path for future leaders to do the same."

Soumen Ganguly, Partner, Altman Solon

"Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace is more than training programs. As leaders, we can help bring diverse voices and stories to the conversation, create safe, open forums for discussion, and cultivate a culture of curiosity and acceptance across all levels and geographies."

Derek Powell, Director, Altman Solon

"From a work, cultural, and personal perspective, diversity has been fundamental to bringing different ideas to the table when solving problems. Diverse voices need to be heard, and as leaders, we must do everything we can to not only foster a more diverse environment, but an inclusive one. As a member of a diverse group myself, I can relate to the challenging road ahead in order to achieve this, but embracing DE&I is our first step on the journey."

Mario Quijada, Partner, Altman Solon

Latine Resource Group

Multiracial & Multiethnic
Resource Group

Altman Solon's Pan-Asian Network

Parents at Altman Solon

Black Resource Group

LGBTQ+ Resource Group

First Generation, Low Income

Women at Altman Solon

Employee Resource Groups


Latine Resource Group

AmigoS seeks to enhance collaboration, increase visibility, amplify potential, and facilitate the integration of all Latino and Hispanic employees and allies. Through thought-provoking events, engaging dialogues, cultural exchanges, and warm connections, AmigoS is dedicated to creating opportunities for personal growth, professional development, and community engagement. 


Altman Solon's Pan-Asian Network

The mission of ASPAN is to build an inclusive community among the Pan-Asian Altman Solon staff (those who identify as Asian or Pacific Islander, including Asian American) to discuss and create awareness around cultural nuances that may influence the professional journey and development and provide resources and tools to Pan-Asian staff to better support them.


Black Affinity Group

The Diaspora seeks to create a supportive community where employees from the African Diaspora can connect, share their experiences, and grow personally and professionally. We celebrate the unique cultures of our Black employees and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the firm through a focus on recruitment, retention, and professional development.


First Generation, Low Income

The Altman Solon FGLI initiative seeks to increase the accessibility of consulting careers for FGLI students, with an initial focus on recruiting and training. 


Multiracial and Multiethnic Resource Group

Our mission is to create, nurture, and sustain a global, inclusive, and racially diverse firm culture that celebrates the voices and perspectives of Altman Solon team members from underrepresented communities.



Parents at Altman Solon

PALS exists to develop a community for parents (including those planning to become parents) with the objective of advocating for parent-friendly policies, educating staff on resources available to parents, and creating a support network for individuals at all stages of their parenting journey. 


LGBTQ+ Resource Group

+Plus aims to develop an LGBTQ+-focused community to establish connections and facilitate mentorship within Altman Solon.


Women at Altman Solon

WAS seeks to encourage, mentor, and support women at all levels of their careers. WAS’s focus is to develop and deliver programs that provide an internal network for Altman Solon employees to address the unique dynamics for women in their careers here.​

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