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Who We Are

In 2020, Altman Vilandrie & Company and Solon Management Consulting cemented a decades-long partnership across the Atlantic to form Altman Solon, the world’s largest global strategy consulting firm with an exclusive focus on the TMT sector. In 2021, Venture Consulting, the largest TMT specialist consulting firm in Australia and New Zealand joined ranks with Altman Solon.

Our consultants are united by our passion and intellectual curiosity for the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT) sectors. These sectors, representing a $5+ trillion global market, are defined by remarkable technological innovations, business model disruptions, rapidly shifting consumer demands, shrinking barriers to entry, and confusing regulatory changes – challenges that Altman Solon is prepared for and eager to address on behalf of our clients.

As trusted advisors to major industry players and leading investors, we have helped to identify, develop, and implement many of the era-defining strategies that have shaped the TMT sector over the last twenty years, including:

  • Assisting major operators in deploying fiber networks across North America and Europe. In fact, nearly every mile of fiber on either side of the Atlantic has Altman Solon’s imprint on it.
  • Guiding major mobile carriers through the next generation of innovation – from handheld design through tower strategy – including the current rollout of 5G technology.
  • Helping global media companies and dynamic new players adapt to the disruption of OTT/streaming video and the new strategies for creating, marketing, and delivering video content.
  • Advising major technology firms on strategies to enter the burgeoning cloud computing market, including that many IT customers still want a hybrid cloud integration model.
  • Evaluating deals and creating opportunities for most of the major private equity and TMT infrastructure investors across the globe.

Our unique depth of sector expertise enables us to help clients navigate TMT’s rapidly changing industry dynamics. We have assembled a global team of TMT experts and thought leaders who work together to create customized solutions that enable our clients to weather any economic conditions and benefit from any technological disruption.

Our consulting team members arrive at every engagement with a real understanding of how businesses in these sectors operate and can anticipate future industry disruptions, so we can quickly develop specific client strategies without weeks of ramp-up or research. Our collaborative team structure brings together industry experts and data analyst from across the company to apply their experience and skills to create real-world solutions for global TMT players. Our unique combination of understanding the critical factors in TMT and proven analytical capabilities help us produce better and faster advice for our clients.

Altman Solon works with market leaders, challenger brands, and investors across TMT sectors. We support our corporate clients in identifying, developing, and implementing company strategies, new market entry approaches, digital innovation, and global M&A. We help our investor clients understand markets, conduct due diligence, and make high-stakes decisions with confidence.

Altman Solon has an extensive international reach with offices in Boston, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Warsaw, and Zurich, with successful projects completed across the globe in more than 100 countries.

Altman Solon has a story to be told.


Founded in 2002 by Rory Altman and Ed Vilandrie, Altman Vilandrie & Company was a strategy consulting group that focused on the telecom, media, technology and investor sectors. The company’s consultants were experienced in strategy, marketing, finance, M&A, technology, regulatory and operations disciplines. Altman Vilandrie & Company helped clients looking to seize new opportunities, navigate mounting challenges, improve business performance and increase investor value within complex and converging industries. Prior to the merger with their European partners, Altman Vilandrie was based in Boston, with offices in New York City and San Francisco.


In 1996, Tilman Rhein, Martin Weiss and Hubertus von Wulffen founded Solon Management Consulting and open the first office in Munich. They name their new company after the Greek statesman and philosopher Solon. Solon Management Consulting was advising leading industry clients and investors worldwide in the telecommunications, media, entertainment, online, cloud and technology industries. Solon supported its clients in developing and implementing company strategies, developing new business models, accelerating digitization, optimizing costs and investments as well as accompanying M&A activities from market probing to the closure of transactions.


In 2021, Altman Solon announced the acquisition of Venture Consulting, the largest TMT specialist consulting firm in Australia and New Zealand. Venture Consulting has been advising leading TMT companies across Australia and New Zealand for the last 11 years. Together with the Singapore office which was opened early in 2021, the Sydney office now serves as a dual Asia Pacific (APAC) hub for the region’s growing demand for clear, rapid, and tailor-made solutions for companies and investors active in TMT sectors.