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Strategy for provider of business intelligence and analytics solutions


While analysis of structured data (e.g., website clicks) continues to grow among enterprises, the opportunity for analysis on unstructured data (e.g., user-generated Facebook and Twitter content) is nascent but expected to be five times larger than the structured data opportunity. A small but fast growing provider of unstructured data analytics asked Altman Solon for help charting a growth plan in this unclear market.


Altman Solon determined the company indeed had unique technical capabilities and was delivering tremendous value to early customers. We also found that future growth would put the company head to head vs much larger solution providers with the resources and sales channels that would out-compete our client. We determined a market expansion and growth strategy focused on key verticals and channel relationships was the best path to grow without provoking larger rivals before the company could get to scale. The approach had the added advantage of positioning the company as a leader in key verticals, and an attractive acquisition target for larger firms down the road.


The client adopted our suggested approach for growth and has moved forward emphasizing a vertical focus and forming key channel relationships to accelerate sales.