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Interviewing at Altman Solon

Altman Solon’s mission is to recruit the brightest and most collaborative people from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, building a global team spanning all corners of the world.

We look for people who can consistently deliver exceptional work, both in their studies and in their profession. We are not seeking candidates with the perfect majors/degrees: it’s your skills, your perspective, and your experience that make you unique; it’s who you are that excites us about your joining the firm.

What We Look For

We’re looking for well-rounded individuals and consultants who are ready to help us shape our global firm and execute amazing work for our clients. Here are some of the components that we know will help make you successful at Altman Solon:

Problem-Solving Skills: We want to understand how well you’re able to understand and solve complex problems. Can you demonstrate an ability to think quickly and creatively, coming up with solutions that are innovative and realistic? We love applicants who draw upon their own past experiences to tackle the problems that they’re working to solve in the present.

Quantitative Ability: Do you thrive in quantitative settings? We want to understand if you’re able to execute on ‘back of the envelope’ math and sense check the results you’re seeing. We’re not looking to test your mental long-division skills to the fourth decimal place, rather, we want to understand how well you’re able to parse out which numbers matter and which ones don’t.

Communication Skills: An analysis is effective only if clients and colleagues can clearly understand it. Are you able to communicate your analyses and findings clearly? We are searching for candidates who succinctly communicate the most interesting and important answers without spending too much time in the weeds.

Passion for TMT: Do you get excited about the launch of the next generation of smartphones? Are you looking forward to seeing where technology brings us in the next 1, 5, or even 10 years? Do you think you know what companies will shape the media industry in the next decade? We’re seeking people who have a passion for learning and interest in the TMT industry, along with a growth mindset that allows them to absorb information quickly and effectively.

What You Can Expect from Us

You can expect to have a couple of different interview conversations in each round, with a combination of staff both at your level and above. Oftentimes, candidates will have a conversation with one of our senior leaders as well. The type and number of interviews you have will vary depending on which office you wish to align to, what role you’re applying for, and your level of experience.

Case Interview: Case interviews are our way of seeing how you tackle the real issues that we help our clients face. They give us a chance to determine how you structure complex problems and think through what types of inquiries are important, all while understanding a bit more about the kinds of work we do as a firm. Cases are meant to be collaborative and conversational.

Experience Interview: Experience interviews are very similar to a traditional job interview. It’s an opportunity for us to learn about your background, understand your accomplishments, figure out what motivates you, and listen to what excites you most about Altman Solon.

Technical Assessment: For specific roles, we’ll want to understand your technical competency. These interviews are like case interviews; we want to learn how you leverage your programming and analysis skills to parse through data and tackle the issues that we help our clients solve. These assessments are meant to be collaborative and conversational.

Final Thoughts

Interviewing is important, but not as intimidating as you might think. If you’re interviewing with our firm, you’ve already impressed us with your application, so take a deep breath and remember how qualified and prepared you are.

It certainly helps to practice case studies, but there’s only so much preparation one person can do. Relax and know that you’re ready for our interview process. If we invited you to interview with us, we think you have what it takes to join Altman Solon, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Take this opportunity to make a connection with your interviewer, get to know them, ask questions, and above all, be yourself.