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Media Consulting

Our media strategy consulting services help you cut through the noise of OTT, big data, paid content, apps, and digitalization buzzwords.

Understanding the who, what, and why of digital media consumption, services, marketplaces, and commerce.

The changes in media over the past decade have been furious – just keeping track of the latest buzzwords can seem like a full-time job. The global health crisis has only accelerated media consumption trends since we can now access virtually any piece of digital content without ever leaving home. Altman Solon has been at the forefront of media strategy during this transformative period, helping pay TV providers, content creators, digital publishers, streaming services, gaming companies, sports entities, and others expand their geographic markets, reach more customers, and adapt to changing conditions. Leveraging data and industry expertise, we help media companies understand not only when, where, and how consumers and businesses access their media content, but, more importantly, why they do.


Media Consulting Focus Areas


Since 2010, Altman Solon has conducted the premier survey on consumer video habits. Coupled with our deep industry expertise, this survey provides our clients – MVPDs, streaming services, and TV networks – with data-backed strategies to create new channel offerings, determine pricing, and evaluate the viability of content.

Digital Advertising and Marketing Analytics

Despite the increase in media consumption, advertising-driven broadcasters and publishers struggle to participate in the growth, and CMOs aim to maximize the return throughout the marketing funnel. Altman Solon and its Analytics Innovation team support media players and advertisers, using data and technology to implement dynamic advertising and marketing strategies.

Gaming and Sports

Gaming is now a nearly $200 billion global industry as it has grown beyond PCs and consoles to reach the cloud and your smartphone. Altman Solon’s consultants analyze proprietary consumer data to help gaming companies thrive in international markets. As digital broadcasting and content for sports – and eSports – digital broadcasting becomes even more critical. We work with major players in the sports video world to help them grow and adapt in this challenging global era.

Marketplaces and Commerce

Retail, financial services, real estate, and many markets are transformed by digital Marketplaces, FinTech, and eCommerce platforms. Altman Solon helps listing players transform their business, supports players in the launch of new verticals in price comparison and LeadGen, and works with investors across all digital services and eCommerce.

Music and Streaming

The total global music market is projected to grow to $153 billion by 2030, driven by digital services innovation. Altman Solon works with senior executives across the leading music and streaming companies on growth strategy, M&A deal value, and transformational design. Our team brings deep industry expertise across music and streaming to support clients through due diligence, analysis, integration, as well as growth and operating model design.

Media Insights

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