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Talking TMT Webinar: Cybersecurity Risks and Opportunities

Amid the almost daily news of cyberattacks on industry and government, cybersecurity solutions vendors and enterprise business and security leadership have rightfully focused on characterizing risk and developing strategies to protect against breaches and to recover after successful attacks.

New and diverse threat actors are seeking economic or political gain, forcing executives and corporate boards to address the customer, intellectual property, privacy, operations, financial, and brand impacts of cyberattacks.

With the focus on prevention and recovery, opportunities for brand enhancement and solution innovation and differentiation are rarely explored. But given the potential competitive advantages, it is important for both business and security leadership to develop strategic and investment plans that address the opportunities created in this chaotic cybersecurity climate.

Join some of Altman Solon’s partners and cybersecurity and enterprise software experts, Ben Matthews and Michael Gurau – along with cybersecurity adviser, Matthew Rosenquist – as they discuss the latest cybersecurity threats and opportunities in this free, recorded webinar.

Click here to view a recent infographic on the threats and opportunities in the current global cybersecurity landscape.

Leadership & Oversight

Ben Matthews


Michael Gurau