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Fintech Deconstructed: Telecom Providers Expand Financial Accessibility

Often, we see emerging markets leapfrogging in technology and in the mobile financial services (MFS) space, this is the case. In our study, we identified four segments of MFS adopters: Intuitives, Traditionalists, Deliberators, and Skeptics. Ultimately, Intuitives are those who are using more than one MFS-style product all the way down to Skeptics, who need more convincing and education on the benefits of mobile financial services. There was a different mix of these segments across different regions, making it critical for those rolling out MFS solutions to understand and align their solutions to the marketplace.

Matt Birtch, Director

While many consumers in developing countries remain “unbanked,” connected technologies, adoption of mobile financial services, and strong trust between consumers and mobile service providers are helping expand fintech options in emerging markets. During a conversation with Michael Gurau, Daniel Torras, and Matt Birtch, the three dive into the 2022 Global Fintech Survey, emergent trends in mobile money, and four customer segments that were developed from the survey findings.


In 2022, Altman Solon conducted the Global Fintech Survey of 950 consumers across 17 markets, gaining insight into the mobile financial services market and opportunities for banks, telecom providers, and governments to expand fintech options for consumers. Explore the survey results in depth here.

Please reach out to a member of our team to discuss the survey results and what they mean for your organization.

Leadership & Oversight

Daniel Torras