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Cybersecurity Deconstructed: 2021 Wrap-Up

"There is a tendency towards owning and managing more in-house as you go upmarket, but we are seeing different models emerge. While traditional managed security service providers downmarket are all about building scale and a uniform security operation center, hosted offsite and delivered in a scalable way, upmarket is a case of getting the right skills in."

Ben Matthews, Partner, Altman Solon

Marked by remote work, supply chain challenges, and ongoing response to the global pandemic, 2021 was a turbulent year – and notably so for the cybersecurity ecosystem. With a sharp increase in cyber and ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, driven in large part by nation-states, the cybersecurity market also saw a surge in activity among investors backing both end-point solutions and integrated product suites. How will these trends evolve in the months to come?

In an end-of-year roundtable conversation, Partners Michael Gurau and Ben Matthews, along with CISO Matthew Rosenquist, discuss key trends from 2021 and share their predictions for the cybersecurity ecosystem – technology vendors, enterprises, and investors alike – in 2022.

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Michael Gurau


Ben Matthews