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Cybersecurity Attacks Deconstructed: SolarWinds

In a digital-first world, cybersecurity attacks have increased across all industries. In response, vendors and enterprises alike are taking measures and putting secure strategies in place to mitigate risks from threat actors seeking access to information, intelligence, and valued assets. What risks and strategic opportunities can be learned from cyber threats and attacks?

Welcome to Cybersecurity Deconstructed, Altman Solon’s new cybersecurity video podcast series hosted by Partners Michael Gurau and Ben Matthews, with cybersecurity expert and CISO Matthew Rosenquist. In its Attacks Deconstructed series, the team breaks down a recent cyberattack to understand the attacker, goals, methods, and targets of the attack. The experts also discuss the risks and opportunities posed by the breach for vendors and enterprises as they navigate the dynamic digital landscape.

Episode 1: SolarWinds

The first episode of the series deconstructs the recent attack on SolarWinds, a global software company. As described in this episode, this compromise highlights the multiplier effect of a supply chain exploitation versus a single end point-of-attack.

Hear the full discussion below and stay tuned for future Attacks Deconstructed as well as other topics of interest to the cybersecurity enterprise and vendor communities.

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