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CHIPS Act of 2022: Key Considerations for the Semiconductor Value Chain

On August 9th 2022, President Biden signed the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act into law. Also known as the CHIPS+ Act, it provides $52.7 billion aimed to boost semiconductor research, development, and production in the United States, ensuring the U.S. serves as a leader in the technology at the foundation of everything from automobiles to household appliances to defense systems. It also includes $1.5 billion for promoting and deploying wireless technologies that use open and interoperable radio access networks. It is expected that the CHIPS and Science Act will unlock hundreds of billions more in private sector semiconductor investment across the country, including production essential to national defense and critical sectors.

Semiconductors Deconstructed Podcast: CHIPS Act of 2022

In a recent conversation between Partner Michael Gurau and Director Abhishek Mitra, the two discuss the implications for companies in the semiconductor ecosystem following the passing of the CHIPS Act of 2022.


Explore additional insights about the CHIPS Act in our recent infographic, including an overview of:

  • Major CHIPS-related programs and appropriations over time
  • Key implications on the U.S. semiconductor industry
  • Considerations for the companies in the semiconductor value chain when applying for CHIPS Act funding

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