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Developing a Cybersecurity Strategy Playbook: Action

"Cybersecurity strategy is process-driven, rather than one individual making all the decisions. It is very difficult for one person to have a full view of the market, but instead, it is key to have a good understanding of what other vendors are doing that you are competing with through ongoing assessments of the risk landscape and buyer demand."

Ben Matthews, Partner

With a thorough understanding of the cybersecurity challenges the strategy playbook will seek to address, the third step involves putting the insights and analysis into action through the lenses of people, process, and technology solutions.

In the third episode of three on building a cybersecurity strategy playbook, Partners Michael Gurau and Ben Matthews, along with CISO Matthew Rosenquist, discuss how to translate insights and analysis on the threat, technology, and business landscape into an actionable cybersecurity strategy that is comprehensive, consistent, and sustainable.

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Leadership & Oversight

Michael Gurau


Ben Matthews