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AR/VR Investment Opportunities & Trends

Altman Solon is the largest global strategy consulting firm exclusively working in the TMT sectors.

Rohit Kulkarni, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at ROTH Capital Partners, hosted a conversation with Director Kevin Wang. Leveraging insights on the AR/VR headset market, Kevin and Rohit discuss investment opportunities and emerging use cases in generative AI, including:

  • Apple's new $3,000 AR/VR device puts it into the "Ultra Premium" category. Apple didn't expect it to be mass-adopted, but the device indeed introduced many key technological advancements, such as eye tracking and display tech.
  • These advancements will meet the demand for gen AI capabilities, semiconductor chips, and software applications across key use cases such as collaboration, healthcare, and manufacturing.
  • While the Apple Vision Pro will maintain a very closed value chain, it can generate investor interest in key adjacent industries, such as semiconductor manufacturing, gen AI hardware, and software start-ups.

Listen to the conversation:

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Kevin Wang
Altman Solon

Kevin leverages over 15 years of experience in product innovation and growth strategy within the tech and telecommunications sector, specializing in 5G, mobile tech, digital channels, and B2B software.

Rohit Kulkarni
Managing Director of Internet & Capital Markets
ROTH Capital Partners

Rohit brings nearly 25 years of expertise in technology products, investment banking, and institutional investments, spanning private and public sectors, focusing on internet and capital markets coverage.