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Putting Generative AI to Work

Putting Generative AI to Work

In March, Altman Solon surveyed 292 senior business leaders and spoke to 21 industry experts to understand the adoption of generative AI tools for specific high-impact enterprise use cases. The survey focused on four areas with strong momentum ― software development, marketing, customer service, and product design ― and found the highest adoption in software development and marketing and emerging adoption in customer service and product design.

What Is Generative AI?: An Interactive Explanation


1505, 2023

From out-of-the-box to tailor-made: Developing and deploying enterprise generative AI tools 

By Altman Solon|May 2023 Industries: |

Enterprises that want to adopt generative AI tools face more complex choices compared to when they adopt well-established enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. How a company opts to develop and deploy generative AI tools brings tradeoffs across security, tool customization, licensing fees, deployment costs, scalability, time to deploy, and availability of internal skillsets.

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