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Altman Solon Hires Experienced Technology Industry Leader Yvonne Hyland as Senior Advisor

New York - Altman Solon, the largest global strategy consulting firm focused exclusively on the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT) sectors, has hired experienced technology industry leader Yvonne Hyland as a Senior Advisor.  

"We are thrilled to welcome Yvonne to our global leadership team,” said Chief Financial Officer Steve Conway. “As the technology ecosystem evolves rapidly, Yvonne’s experience advising and leading companies and investors in the industry will bring great value to our firm and clients.” 

Yvonne Hyland’s impressive career encompasses a diverse spectrum of roles and experiences in the technology industry. She has held leadership roles at SAP and Gartner, led several entrepreneurial endeavors with successful exits, including IBM as a strategic acquirer, and worked as an operator in venture capital. During her career as a consultant for Fortune 50 companies, she led significant global technology-enabled business transformations across industries. 

Prior to joining Altman Solon, Yvonne was the Head of Portfolio Business Development at B Capital. At SAP, Yvonne was the Head of Products and Services for SAP Denmark, where she was also responsible for manufacturing and supply chain products across Scandinavia. During the 11 years she was with Gartner, Yvonne successfully launched and scaled the Advisory Service businesses, catering to enterprise IT leaders (EITL) and high-tech general managers and senior executives (GGM).  

"I am excited to join Altman Solon. The collaborative nature of the team members and the high quality of the work performed in serving leading TMT companies is bar none. Technology is the foundation of all enterprises, and Altman Solon’s knowledge and understanding of the global technology ecosystem is truly exceptional,” said Yvonne Hyland. 

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