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Altman Solon Survey Reveals Nearly Half of U.S. Sports Fans Plan to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022

Global survey shows U.S. fans have solid interest in paying for content and watching every tournament match.

Boston, MA– Nearly half of U.S. sports fans (45%) are planning to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar this month, according to data from leading Telecommunications, Media, and Technology consultancy firm, Altman Solon. The high-profile event is expected to achieve record-breaking global viewership, and the strong interest U.S. sports fans comes amid the busy sports and holiday season. The excitement for watching the games is also reflected in solid interest for tuning in for every tournament match and paying to watch the games.

Altman Solon’s FIFA World Cup 2022 Survey provides expert insight and analysis into global fan interest in the month-long tournament that begins on November 20. Surveying more than 17,000 respondents across 17 countries, it spotlights the numerous growth opportunities associated with the FIFA World Cup that are available across international markets.

”In terms of global audience viewership and buzz, there is no comparable event to the FIFA World Cup,” said Altman Solon. “However, with the starting date change, the FIFA World Cup will now compete in the U.S. against the NFL, NBA, and college football for audience engagement. It also arrives in the middle of the holiday advertising season, which could provide benefits for broadcasters and their advertising partners. The survey shows solid U.S. fan interest, but I will be watching to see how the domestic audience performs compared to the 2018 games.”

Key survey findings include:

  • The U.S. overall interest level in the games (45%) was lower than established soccer hotbeds, but the percentage of U.S. fans who said they were “very interested” in the FIFA World Cup is 28%, ahead of Italy (26%).
  • More than a quarter (26%) of U.S. sports fans are willing to pay to watch the FIFA World Cup, which is higher than the U.K. (24%) but lower than Brazil (58%) and UAE (70%).
  • 13 percent of U.S. fans plan to watch every game of the FIFA World Cup. While lower than rates in Latin America and UAE, the U.S. interest level is comparable to those in the soccer strongholds of the U.K., France, and Italy.
  • 25 percent of U.S. fans plan to watch the World Cup in public (bar, restaurant, watch party).

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