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Silicon Deconstructed: Auto Makers Navigate Supply Chain Disruption and Future Chip Needs

Significant financial and market forces are creating unprecedented growth and dynamism in the semiconductor industry. The present dynamics include: 

  • A worldwide chip shortage impacting industries large and small
  • Unprecedented flow of semiconductor-interested public and private capital, coupled with multi-billion dollar M&A offers for leading reduced instruction set computing (RISC) and FPGA vendors
  • The acceleration of RISC architectures, from smaller devices to larger servers and systems, and from device and systems vendor RISC use to end-customer RISC use
  • Related to the growth of RISC, continued growth of contract semiconductor manufacturing (i.e.: foundry services) with commitments to new capacity from existing foundries and formerly non-foundry CPU players
  • The growth of specialized workload-tuned semiconductor solutions – e.g., ASICs, system-on-a-chip (SoCs)

In a conversation with Partners Michael Gurau and Swope Fleming, along with Director Micah Gertson, the three discuss these dynamics and focus on news of leading automakers producing their own chips to optimize value for their specialized needs and reduce supply chain exposure.

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Leadership & Oversight

Michael Gurau


Swope Fleming


Micah Gertson