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Rollout and go-to-market strategy for fiber company


A multinational fiber company with new management and a board of directors came to Altman Solon looking to solidify a growth strategy for a 5+ year horizon. They asked us to assess new opportunities and synergies in relevant markets.


Altman Solon scheduled a series of workshops with management to first yield a comprehensive macro strategy and then support the company’s go-to-market initiatives on the sales side. At the same time, we sized market opportunities across 8 countries by leveraging proprietary analytics, interviews with local experts, and GIS mapping services. Utilizing three dimensions for growth and product differentiation, our analysis model pointed to CAPEX and sales expansion, the formation of specific partnerships across the IT stack, and organizational changes for the sales force.


The client adopted all of our recommendations and has grown 40% year over year in the first years after implementing the new strategy. We continue to assist the client in additional initiatives that have driven six new CAPEX expansions.