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Digital strategy for a communications service provider


A leading telco wanted to overhaul its digital customer experience to better improve customer awareness, consideration and digital sales. The client hired Altman Solon to develop a vision – creating a 3 year strategy and associated business case to support the changes.


Altman Solon initially established a high-level framework to structure the collective team’s thinking. Then, we analyzed the client’s performance data and identified key segments and drivers for value generation. We discovered that customer activity on the digital properties was subject to a few friction points, including fallout during the credit check process. We then worked collaboratively with the client to develop programs that would alleviate these friction points. The programs were built into a three year business case that quantified the impact of individual initiatives for both website traffic and sales conversion rates. We delivered a business case that was used to justify funding for programs and establishing target performance for the initiatives.


The client is in the process of implementing the strategy. To date, they have achieved record results via the first wave of initiatives and are now trialing the next wave of more innovative program recommendations.