Swope Fleming has more than 20+ years of experience within Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT).  He is an expert in digital infrastructure, spanning fiber optics, wireless networks, data centers, and semiconductors. Swope is a strategic advisor for leading communication service providers, cloud service providers, and semiconductor IDMs. He helps private equity clients to develop investment hypotheses, evaluate investment opportunities, and improve portfolio companies’ performance.

Swope’s areas of focus include growth strategy, performance improvement, competitive research, business case analysis, and go-to-market planning.  Recently, Swope has led Altman Solon’s analysis of the impact machine learning and generative AI will have on telecommunications infrastructure.

Prior to joining Altman Solon in 2011, Swope worked as an engineer in the semiconductor industry. Swope has earned a BSE in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University and an MS from the MIT School of Engineering and Sloan School of Management.