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New Global Threats Create Risk & Opportunity in Cybersecurity Markets

Evolving and increasingly effective cybersecurity threat agents elevate risk across all sectors and the entire telecommunications and technology continuum – from the network to the edge. In this new environment of risk, Altman Solon works with global TMT clients – including technology solutions vendors and leadership teams at large and mid-size TMT companies – to design business strategies that mitigate risks and optimize for opportunities.

In a connected global marketplace, everything – from traditional servers to supply chains to the smallest Internet-enabled devices – is vulnerable to threat agents. A recent survey of IT decision-makers by Altman Solon found that nearly half of all respondents had experienced a recent IoT security breach – and that threat has only accelerated as more devices have become Internet enabled. Last year, across the TMT continuum, there were more than a billion global breaches, disrupting services, exposing sensitive information, tarnishing brands, and costing billions in revenue and avoidable expenses.

The vast expansion of the cybersecurity business infrastructure over the past decade has created a fragmented market that is difficult for customers to navigate and vendors to stand out.

Altman Solon’s cybersecurity and enterprise software experts have created a new infographic that explores the threats, goals, methods, and targets of cyber-attacks, as well as the risks and opportunities these present for security vendors and cybersecurity enterprise customers, alike.


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