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How Inflation is Reshaping the Future of Telcos

Altman Solon is a TMT global strategy consulting firm with expertise in telecommunications consulting. Following a presentation at our annual London Breakfast, Partner Damien Marchesi shares his perspective on how telcos can remain competitive despite an inflationary environment.

In recent years, inflation has been shaking up the telecommunications world, with rising operational and financial costs, increased competition in the retail market, and shifting customer needs. Partner Damien Marchesi highlights the biggest opportunities and challenges facing today's European telecommunications market. The video and associated report delve into key trends, including: 

  • The fragmented and competitive nature of European markets has meant that telecommunications companies' return on investment has, at times, underperformed.
  • Consumer's willingness to pay has shifted from traditional connectivity products to over-the-top (OTT) services like streaming. This is shaking up pricing power and recalibrating market competition.
  • Monetizing infrastructure through initiatives like infrastructure-retail separations, fiber joint ventures, and business carve-outs is accelerating a retail margin squeeze.  
  • To survive this turbulent phase, European telcos must be adaptable, leverage product differentiation, implement operational efficiencies, and exercise financial flexibility. 

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This topic was originally presented at our TMT Private Equity Breakfast in London, an annual event where our experts present trends and investment opportunities shaping the TMT industry.