Accelerate Network Deployment Decisions

Arrow by Altman Solon provides robust network planning to create a cohesive blueprint for your network expansion and upgrade needs. Effectively analyze and optimize your network deployment decisions to minimize cost and maximize growth.

Maximize Returns

Improve financial returns by over 50%. Combine market demand, competitive presence, route planning and unique pruning logic to ensure your network design covers the most attractive locations while using less equipment and laying down less fiber.

Reduce Time

Go from weeks to minutes for initial network design. Automated route planning provides an initial design for a given market in seconds. The platform combines business case and network engineering planning allowing the whole team to quickly get on the same page and make a decision.

Improve Accuracy

Eliminate costly mistakes and reduce capital expense by up to 15%. Arrow by Altman Solon’s algorithmic approach to route planning incorporates all possible routes, conduits and constraints to quickly and accurately find the lowest cost route and bill of materials.

Feature Packed

Programmatic Routing

Automatically run detailed network plans in seconds for fiber, 5G or broadband deployments to understand the design and bill of materials

Financial Optimization

Quickly understand the cost, revenue and financial returns for multiple plan scenarios ensuring you invest the right amount

Compliance Reporting

Address compliance and regulatory requirements including coverage and near net analysis for your current and planned network footprint

CRM Integration

Quickly understand distance and cost to serve for enterprise and tower locations and programmatically connect to your sales workflow through REST API

Plan Design

Develop high accuracy initial plan design including equipment placement and routes and export as kml or shapefiles for final engineering design

Market & Competitive Visualization

Understand competitive presence and fair share in the context of your current and planned network footprint to align on and prioritize growth opportunities

Arrow by Altman Solon is trusted by leading telecom and network operators as the foundation for all network deployment planning.

of partnerships with leading telecom and network operators.

Thousands of network & route optimization plans run across the globe.

locations and route miles covered.

dollars in network investment optimized.


Ensure comprehensive deployment plans include capital and operational costs to drive the right level of investment and maximize returns.


Quickly iterate through initial deployment designs in minutes vs. weeks to understand full bill of materials and inform growth plans.


Answer the question of should we serve this enterprise or tower location in seconds instead of daysaccelerating revenue growth.


Understand near net coverage and competitive presence to target the right segments with competitive service offerings.


Plan and optimize edge compute capacity

Arrow by Altman Solon’s geospatial and business optimization capabilities enable service providers to quickly and accurately model across demand points, latency requirements, business and technical constraints. The platform provides deployment models based on coverage targets or capital allocation budgets to ensure competitive multi-access edge service offerings.

Watch it in action

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