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Global Sports Survey

Global Sports Survey

The World Gets Back In The Game 

Following a year like no other for global sports, fans have returned to the stands, stars have changed teams, and leagues have continued signing mega-deals with media partners. Altman Solon’s 2021 Global Sports Survey offers insight into trends across sports interest and viewership, awareness of live TV and sports OTT services, and international fandom of top US / EU leagues, clubs, and athletes from more than 18,000 respondents across 16 countries spanning the Americas, Europe, and the Asian-Pacific.

The insights and press releases below offer regional and global perspectives on the dynamic sports world, as measured in our annual Global Sports Survey. This page will be updated regularly with new insights and releases. We invite you to complete the contact form below to receive future publications directly in your inbox. 

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“Global sports franchises, teams, and media partners understand that star players drive revenue and fan interest.  These bankable stars can have a positive impact on a franchise even after they’ve moved on – encouraging for teams looking to invest in and promote top talent as a means of visibility and growth.”

Matt Del Percio, Director, New York

“Sport has long been defined by the idiom, ‘no player is bigger than the club,’ but that is changing. Clubs are now able to translate star popularity into bankability, and in particular, the opportunity to grow revenue outside of the established models.”

Ian Lube, Partner, London

“Top athletes around the world are making their mark both on and off the field: increasing fan engagement, driving financial gains for teams and leagues through sponsorships and collectibles, and strengthening popularity and reach of sports to fans around the globe with social media and sports viewing outlets.”

Mary Ann Halford, Partner, New York


Press Releases

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2020 Global Sports & News Survey 

The 2020 Global Sports & News Survey explored trends in sports viewing and fandom and consumer news consumption – including growth, willingness to pay, and trust in news and ads – from more than 14,000 respondents across 10 countries. Below you can find insights, perspectives, and press reports from the survey spanning Europe, the United States, and Latin America. 


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