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Global Sports & News Survey

Global Sports & News Survey

The Wide World of Sports & News

In an unprecedented and unpredictable time, global consumers are turning to live sports as an escape and live news to keep current on information that affects their lives. Altman Solon’s 2020 Global Sports & News Survey explores trends in consumer news consumption – growth, willingness to pay, trust in news and ads – and sports viewing and fandom of more than 14,000 people across 10 countries.

Below you can find insights, perspectives and press reports on the survey from Europe, the United States, and Latin America. This page will be updated regularly with additional results and findings. Leave your contact details in the form below to receive further publications directly to your inbox.


“The Big Three U.S. leagues are facing more competition at home, especially for younger viewers, making Europe a logical place for expansion. While the leagues have more work to do in Europe, they have solid growth potential with new media deals and a younger fan base.”

Matt Del Percio, Director at Altman Solon, based in New York

“Major European sports markets are dominated by national football leagues compared to the multi-sport model in the U.S. What the U.K. and Germany share is the success in ‘exporting’ their leagues: EPL and Bundesliga have been successful in showcasing the world’s best teams and players in the U.S.”

Christian Esser, Partner at Altman Solon, based in Munich

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