ARO Planning Tool

ARO Planning Tool

ARO is a next-gerneration integrate network deployment modeling and planning platform.

The tool enables network operators and investors to rapidly execute analyses ranging from an enterprise-grade, location-level, planning to competitive wargaming and investment opportunity assessment. ARO’s integrated modeling approach supports multiple network types, and enables deployment planning across FTTH, FTTB, mobility and fixed wireless while optimizing for IRR/NPV, CapEx budgets, and coverage targets. The tool is used by operators and investors around the world to solve their key operating problems.

ARO is versatile, flexible, and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Why ARO?

ARO is the only tool which approaches modeling with network planning in mind – giving users ability able to run large optimizations quickly and be able to iterate, running very fast “What if” scenarios. It completes city-wide optimizations in <10 minutes. Our clients have experienced old 2-week processes completed in <2 days.

Holistic Financial Approach – Produces detailed revenue, cost and returns estimates

ARO estimates revenues, penetration, cash flows and returns potential taking into account comprehensive set of internal and external factors, such as competition, network costs and revenue opportunity, etc. Produces detailed cost estimates using client’s network architecture and costs (full equipment inventory, strand count, etc.)

Flexibility of financial goals and assumptions allows for multiple approaches to network routing (least-cost, IRR, budget, coverage). Optimizations consider marginal costs and returns, including fiber and equipment costs, node count and placement.Bottoms-up demand using AV&Co.’s proprietary spend data. Custom network optimization types are often developed to suit clients’ specific needs

Optimizing for multiple endpoints (businesses, households, and cell-towers) has cost-savings of >20% vs. planning individually.

By supporting multiple network types (e.g. wireless placement with fiber backhaul), ARO enables planners to estimate trade-offs of using each network type in different areas.

While ARO was designed to be directionally accurate, it often performs better than most other tools. Users can begin to run scenarios by supplying as little as target set of locations, allowing them quickly get a sense for which areas to prioritize for further analysis

Initial test deployments (e.g. single market) can be seamlessly scaled up to cover wider geographical areas without any interruptions to end users or loss of data. ARO’s flexible infrastructure and Altman Solon’s algorithm experience allows new network technologies to be added relatively easy.

“This is an opportunity for a quote from the team so potential prospects would know who to address.”

Ben Yemini, Director of Product at Altman Solon