Real Time Data Driven Decisions

Deciding where to allocate capital, or what service offering will grow share, while aligning finance and network planning, is a challenge for even the savviest operators.

Over the last two decades we’ve served hundreds of network operators and investors to address their most pressing operational challenges. The unique methodologies developed in partnership with our clients enable us to offer multiple products. Our products leverage advanced technology, proprietary data and deep telecom domain expertise to help clients make better decisions faster.

Altman Solon products provide real time optimization and scenario planning combining our proprietary methodologies and data with client, open source and third-party data sets. Our products have been leveraged for hundreds of planning scenarios over the last five years across North America and Europe.

By leveraging proven and differentiated optimization methodologies our telecom and network operating clients have been able to more effectively allocate billions of dollars in network infrastructure serving millions of end customers.

Product Offerings


Enable network deployment decisions at scale

Arrow enables leading network operators to quickly understand and model network deployments, from build-out costs to revenue across business units. The platform combines geospatial and business planning analytics enabling network operators to bridge the gap between financial business modeling and network operational planning. With Arrow, network operators quickly and comprehensively ensure they maximize returns from future and existing network investments including fiber, cable and small cell deployments.

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Plan and optimize edge compute capacity

MCAP provides data driven decisions to underpin Multi-access Edge Compute deployment plans. The platform enables service providers to combine geospatial demand data with available infrastructure for hosting edge compute. Deployment plans can be quickly modeled across different demand points, max latency requirements, and both business and technical constraints. MCAP optimizations provide deployment models based on coverage targets or capital allocation budgets to ensure competitive service offerings.



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