10 11, 2021

Developing a Cybersecurity Strategy Playbook: Action

2021-11-10T17:18:11+01:00November 2021

In the third episode on building a cybersecurity strategy playbook, Partners Michael Gurau and Ben Matthews, along with CISO Matthew Rosenquist, discuss how to translate insights and analysis on the threat, technology, and business landscape into an actionable cybersecurity strategy that is comprehensive, consistent, and sustainable.

24 08, 2021

Cybersecurity Attacks Deconstructed: SolarWinds

2021-08-25T17:51:57+02:00August 2021

In the Attacks Deconstructed podcast series, Partners Michael Gurau and Ben Matthews, along with cybersecurity expert and CISO Matthew Rosenquist break down recent cyberattacks to understand the attacker, goals, methods, and targets of the attack.

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