18 09, 2023

Speed, Thrills, and Sustainability: Altman Solon’s Store-to-Door Consumer Survey reveals buying habits of online shoppers as 90% experience excitement when buying online

2023-09-18T21:42:04+02:00septembre 2023

Altman Solon’s 2023 Store-to-Door Supply Chain Survey shows that as online shopping continues to grow since the COVID-19 pandemic, six new profiles of consumers are moving beyond traditional concerns like cost and convenience to prioritize environmental sustainability and shopper emotions.

19 05, 2023

Productivity Boost: Competitive Dynamics in the Enterprise Productivity Suite Market

By Altman Solon|mai 2023 Industries: |

Led by Partner Patrick Marshall and Director Abhishek Mitra, Altman Solon’s inaugural Productivity Suite Survey, in collaboration with Cowen, gleans insights from nearly 600 IT decision-makers across business sizes and industries into the state of the growing productivity suite market and trends gaining momentum within the global cloud space.