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Global Film & Video Production Report

Global Film & Video Production Survey

Virtual Production Enters the Mainstream 

The end of 2021 restored normalcy to the movie and TV production industry after the COVID-19 pandemic brought global content production to a standstill. In response to the shutdowns and delays, Virtual Production capabilities grew from necessity and are here to stay, gaining popularity by promising faster production times, lower costs, and stronger connections among talent across the world.  

Altman Solon’s Global Film & Video Production Report explores the state of adoption of virtual production technologies, usage trends, and areas for future investments. The study surveyed 132 industry executives, each with over three years of Virtual Production experience, spanning film/TV production, advertising and marketing, and various post-production roles in the U.S. and U.K.  

The insights and press releases below offer regional and global perspectives on trends in Virtual Production and Audio and Video over Internet Protocol (AVoIP). This page will be updated regularly with new content and we invite you to complete the contact form below to receive future publications directly in your inbox. 

“Virtual Production is the future of global filmmaking, but how and when it maximizes its potential will be determined by the industry’s ability to attract talent to this new field. It’s clear that the networking-heavy approach used in Hollywood for generations will not deliver the VP workforce needed now and in the future. The good news is that studios are employing new and creative recruiting techniques, including better outreach to candidates with diverse backgrounds.« 

Derek Powell, Director, Los Angeles


1304, 2023

Live From Anywhere… It’s Audio and Video Over Internet Protocol

By Altman Solon|avril 2023 Industries: |

From TV and broadcast companies to over-the-top services, infrastructure system integrators to cable, satellite, and telecom providers, more broadcasters are turning to AVoIP technology to meet heightened consumer demands and increase output.

1912, 2022

Going the Distance – Virtual Production Enters the Mainstream as Global Content Demand Increases 

By Altman Solon|décembre 2022 Industries: |

Promising faster production schedules, lower costs, and the ability to connect with talent from across the globe, Virtual Production tools are gaining favor among production executives in the U.S. and U.K. Altman Solon's 2022 Global Film & Video Production Report offers insight into the use of Virtual Production, benefits and challenges to leveraging VP, and considerations for organizations integrating these tools into future projects.

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2021 Global Film & Video Production Survey 

The 2021 Global Film & Video Production Survey highlighted the emergence of virtual production capabilities, the adoption of cloud-based post-production tools, and the reliance on remote collaboration solutions. Below you can find insights, perspectives, and press reports from the survey that included more than 100 industry executives – experts from film and TV studios, production companies, advertising, streaming and OTT, broadcast media, post-production, music, and live entertainment – across productions in 30+ countries, spanning North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. 


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