15 07, 2022

Kevin Wang

2022-07-18T02:14:51+02:00juillet 2022

Kevin Wang specializes in product innovation, new market entry, and

16 06, 2022

Phil Hooper

2022-06-16T21:20:58+02:00juin 2022

Phil Hooper is an expert in wireline and wireless technologies, enterprise software, data centers and cloud services.

11 02, 2022

Andrew Zabel

2022-02-11T15:43:36+01:00février 2022

Andrew advises telecommunications and technology clients on growth strategy, M&A, channel development, and business case evaluation.

9 02, 2022

Priya Mehra

2022-02-09T20:08:30+01:00février 2022

Priya Mehra has more than two decades of experience in the telecommunications and high-tech sectors.

8 02, 2022

Suhaib Rangoonwala

2022-02-08T22:03:45+01:00février 2022

Suhaib advises clients in the technology and digital media sectors on growth strategy through organic initiatives and M&A.

1 02, 2022

Abhishek Mitra

2022-02-01T18:41:02+01:00février 2022

Abhishek Mitra is an expert in the semiconductor industry, with a focus on product innovation and go-to-market strategy.

17 12, 2021

Guy Kinley

2021-12-17T16:26:39+01:00décembre 2021

Guy Kinley launches and drives transformation programs for leading Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT) companies and investors.

15 06, 2021

Shahar Sinvani

2021-11-30T15:44:17+01:00juin 2021

Shahar Sinvani has significant experience as a Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT) strategy consultant and working for global technology companies.

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