Is the left side of the screen just for visualizing map elements, or is it used when setting up optimizations?

The toggles on the left side of the screen are predominantly used for data visualization (for example, to visualize selected Fibers and Network Equipment), but the Locations menu (top-left corner) is used in determining which target endpoint types are selected for optimization.

Imagine that the locations data layer selected in Settings includes small, medium and large businesses. If a user wants to run a plan that targets only small businesses, he/she should select Small Businesses in the Locations menu. Medium and large businesses in this scenario are going to get ignored. If a user does not select any target location types in the Locations menu, all endpoints from the data layer are going to be included in the optimization (i.e. small, medium and large businesses will be all targeted).

Why is the data selection greyed out? Why can’t I change it?

Data and Resource Selection sections become greyed out when the plan has been run and its settings are locked in place.

To unlock the selection, user may Create a New Plan to start new plan setup from scratch, or Modify existing plan to refine its settings before rerunning optimization.