What is the difference between Network Build and Network Analysis?

Network Build runs an optimization to target criteria, and places equipment and saves detailed financial case of the plan.

Network Analysis runs the pruning analysis and shows high level financials (coverage, NPV, IRR) for all CapEx levels of the build.

What is the logic used to determine which locations get pruned off first?

Least financially attractive locations get pruned off first. For in-depth explanation of Arrow’s pruning logic, please see Routing and Pruning Algorithms document.
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How is Fair Share calculated and used in the tool?

Please see Fair Share and Penetration Calculations document for in-depth discussion of this topic.
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How do I share resource managers with other users?

Navigate to Global Settings and select Resource Managers tile. Find the desired Resource Manager and click on (+) next to its name to expand its Permissions section. From there, you can select which user(s) and/or user groups should give access to the manager. Lastly, set the permission to either ‘Viewer’ (can use it, but can’t make any edits) or to “Owner” (has full edit and sharing privileges)

When I make changes to resource managers, do they impact just me, my whole team, or anyone using Arrow instance?

Resource Managers in Arrow are defined at the global level and are not specific to individual users.

When user creates new resource manager, only he/she will have the permissions to view, edit and use it, making the resource individual to that user. However, as soon as the manager is shared with another user/user group, they are going to be able to see it and (with sufficient permissions) edit it. All changes made to this Resource Manager going forward will impact every user that can use it in a plan.

How do I share data layer with someone?

Navigate to Global Settings, select Upload Data Resources tile and then enter Data Management mode. Find the desired data layer and click on (+) next to its name to expand its Permissions section. From there, user can give access to the resource to additional users and/or user groups.

How do I share a plan with someone?

Once the plan is saved, navigate to View Mode, Plan Info section, and click on Plan Info tab. Clicking on “Edit Plan Details” unlocks the details panel, where plan owner can give plan access permissions to additional users and/or user groups.