How do I set drop cable length?


Drop cable length can be adjusted in Network Architecture Manager. Navigate to networkConfigurations -> ODN_1 -> terminalConfiguration -> maxDistanceMeters field. Note that the distance threshold is set in meters.

Additionally, distanceConstraintStrategy field allows user to decide how strictly drop cable length setting is enforced. “Always Connect” allows locations that are too far from road edge to be connected, even if they are beyond maximum drop cable distance, while “Honor Distance” will drop the locations that fall outside of drop cable range.

How are MDUs handled by Arrow?


From network design point of view, Arrow connects MDUs using dedicated network equipment (MDU equipment), and feeder cable running directly to the premise. SFUs, on the other hand, connect to the network via drop cable linked to a FDT, which is then connected to FDH using distribution fiber.

MDUs are automatically detected in Arrow by looking at number of households present on a given lat-long. This could be either a single location/data record with large number of households attribute assigned to it, or many records/locations of size 1 on the same lat-long.

Location size cutoff between SFUs (and connecting via FDTs) and MDUs (connecting via MDU equipment) is set in Network Architecture Manager, in networkConfigurations -> ODN_1 -> fiberCapacityConfig -> consolidationRules -> 0 -> threshold. The threshold value is the minimum number of locations to qualify as MDU.

What do individual settings in Planning Constraints or Network Architecture Manager do?


Please refer to Arrow User Guide‘s pages dedicated to the resource manager for detailed explanation of each setting.