Where do I insert my network and equipment costs?

All network capex inputs are specified in Price Books, under Settings -> Resource Selection -> Price Book.

Fiber costs can be specified on Fiber Construction tab, while equipment cost inputs are on Equipment tab. Additionally, Fiber Cable tab allows users to specify cable size surcharges.

Can I use different cost inputs in various geographies / service areas?

Yes. Arrow can vary price book cost inputs for each service area it analyzes.

If your analysis requires such setup, please contact Arrow support to discuss best approach for your specific use case.

Is drop cable cost part of the upfront capex?

No. Drop cable costs are considered success-based, and are only assessed to locations that subscribe, at the time of their signup. As such, drop cable costs are not part of Total Capex figure displayed in plan output (they are part of expenses line item in later years).

Drop cable costs should be factored into the total success-based capex figure a.k.a. “connectionCost” in ROIC manager.

What is Connection Cost? Where does it show up in plan financials?

Connection Cost (part of ROIC settings) is meant to represent total success-based capex of newly-subscribing location. Typically, these costs include drop cable, CPE, truck roll/install, etc.

Connection costs are incurred when a location converts into a customer (i.e. in later years). Arrow keeps track of new subscribers in each time period and reports their counts and corresponding connect costs in “Financial Output” reports.