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2022 Global Sports Survey

2022 Global Sports Survey

Opportunities On and Off The Field 

Global sports have never been more popular among fans nor presented more opportunities for properties, investors, and media partners. It is also at a point where new innovations are transforming the way the world watches and connects with sports and its top athletes, teams, and leagues. Altman Solon’s 2022 Global Sports Survey offers insights and perspectives on sports viewership and fandom, viewing experiences, and emerging digital technologies in sports from more than 17,000 respondents across 17 countries spanning North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. Below is an introduction to our 2022 Global Sports Survey, which provides a preview of the insights to be released over the next several months. This page will be updated regularly, so please complete the contact form below to receive future publications directly in your inbox. We also invite you to reach out to us directly with any questions or to schedule a discussion with one of our experts.

Emerging Trends in Sports Create Exciting Global Opportunities

Sports are evolving with growing investment and innovation, and the businesses that best adapt to these changes will have a leg up on their competitors

The business side of sports has never presented more opportunities to properties, partners, and investors – or been more globally competitive.  As sports has come roaring back since the pandemic, interest remains strong with fans across the globe, encouraging teams and leagues to expand their fanbases and drive growth internationally.  In parallel, the prices of media rights, franchises, and sports-adjacent businesses have also seen significant growth with no slowdown in sight.  Key trends in content consumption, emerging technologies, and fan engagement are continuing to shape the future of investment and M&A in sports as momentum continues to build.

Altman Solon’s 2022 Global Sports Survey, which gauged sports interest, viewership and preferences, and fandom among 17,000 respondents in 17 countries across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, reveals many opportunities for sports entities through changing fandom, growth in women’s sports, evolving content consumption, emerging digital technologies, and expansion into adjacent businesses. 

The business side of sports has never presented more opportunities or been more globally competitive. The prices of media rights, franchises, and other sports-adjacent businesses have shown significant growth with no slow-down in sight, with several billion-dollar transactions in the last year alone. As sports has come roaring back since the pandemic, strong viewership, attendance, and engagement signal that sports continues to offer an attractive value proposition for fans and business opportunities for commercial partners and investors.

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Interest in sports remains strong with fans across the globe, encouraging leagues and teams to look abroad to increase their fanbases and drive growth. Strong interest in sports has returned since the pandemic and translates into TV consumption of and willingness to pay for sports content. While Altman Solon’s survey reinforces that soccer is the most global popular sport, many sports are reaching and finding international audiences.

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Growing investment and M&A in sports as well as strong interest from fans are driven by key trends and developments impacting sports properties and their partners/investors including: 

  • Changing fandom: Fan perspectives are evolving with expectations of direct engagement with properties, preferences for shorter-form, “snackable” content, and engagement with a wider range of organizations 
  • Growth in women’s sports: Women’s sports have stepped into the spotlight as European soccer leagues invest heavily in their associated women’s leagues, popularity of women’s sports in the U.S. reaches new heights 
  • Evolving content consumption: More AR & VR options have attracted fans to this new technology, promising engaged viewing experiences and creating new ways for fans to engage with their favorite leagues and teams 
  • Emerging digital technologies: The adoption of cryptocurrency and NFTs in sports expands at the league, team, and athlete levels, generating substantial revenue for rights holders while also creating deeper fan engagement 
  • Expansion into adjacent business opportunities: Opportunities adjacent to sports, such as betting and gaming, continue to become more prevalent and lucrative, opening new channels with an engaged, attractive demographic  

Altman Solon will release survey results and analysis over the next several months on:  

  • Key trends and developments reshaping/impacting the world of sports and what it means for properties, media partners, and investors
  • How emerging technologies (AR/VR/NFTs/crypto) transform fan consumption and engagement  
  • Where fans want (new) sports viewing/engagement experiences 
  • How sports fans can be segmented and targeted 
  • Where fans participate in sports betting and gaming 

Altman Solon, the world’s largest strategy consulting firm exclusively focused on Telecommunications, Media, and Technology, conducted its annual Global Sports Survey in August-September 2022. This page will be updated with new insights from the 2022 Global Sports Survey over the next several months.

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