19 05, 2023

Productivity Boost: Competitive Dynamics in the Enterprise Productivity Suite Market

By Altman Solon|Mai 2023 Industries: |

Led by Partner Patrick Marshall and Director Abhishek Mitra, Altman Solon’s inaugural Productivity Suite Survey, in collaboration with Cowen, gleans insights from nearly 600 IT decision-makers across business sizes and industries into the state of the growing productivity suite market and trends gaining momentum within the global cloud space.

15 05, 2023

Altman Solon survey: nearly a quarter of tech firms report using generative AI for software development, with significant growth across business functions over next year

2023-05-15T16:16:20+02:00Mai 2023

Nearly one-in-four U.S. technology firms say they currently use generative AI tools to boost software development, with significant growth in adoption across major business functions predicted over the next year, according to a new survey of senior technology executives by global strategy consulting firm Altman Solon. 

15 05, 2023

From out-of-the-box to tailor-made: Developing and deploying enterprise generative AI tools 

By Altman Solon|Mai 2023 Industries: |

Enterprises that want to adopt generative AI tools face more complex choices compared to when they adopt well-established enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. How a company opts to develop and deploy generative AI tools brings tradeoffs across security, tool customization, licensing fees, deployment costs, scalability, time to deploy, and availability of internal skillsets.

27 04, 2023

Electric Vehicles Charge into the Fast Lane

By Altman Solon|April 2023 Industries: |

The automotive industry is speeding toward an electric future. In recent years, U.S. sales of electric vehicles (EVs) have more than doubled – with growth in Germany and the U.K. close behind.

23 01, 2023

2023 Consumer Tech Device Trends

By Altman Solon|Januar 2023 Industries: |

Device trends Altman Solon views as critical for product executives at telecom, media, and technology firms, as they determine their product roadmap for the next five to ten years.

15 11, 2022

CHIPS Act of 2022: Key Considerations for the Semiconductor Value Chain

By Altman Solon|November 2022 Industries: |

The new CHIPS+ Act provides $52.7 billion aimed to boost semiconductor research, development, and production in the United States, ensuring the U.S. serves as a leader in the technology at the foundation of everything from automobiles to household appliances to defense systems.

8 11, 2022

A Multiverse of Metaverses

By Altman Solon|November 2022 Industries: |

While not new, the metaverse got significant media attention since the rebranding of Facebook into Meta in Fall 2021. Since then, everyone from large vendors to market watchers have weighed in on what defines the metaverse, how it will evolve over the coming years, and what organizations can and should consider in this dynamic market.