This release includes the following improvements:

  • Edit Mode Annotations:
    The workflow for adding annotations in Edit mode has been updated to make it more explicit when you edit a plan vs. adding annotations to a Feeder Fiber route or Equipment site..
  • Edge Tollbooths:
    Added functionality to specify the cost of switching between edges with the same type but different attributes (e.g., cable size and color). You can now add this logic (e.g., prefer to stay on an existing fiber edge with the same cable size) in the Fusion Manager under Tollbooth settings.
  • Network Architecture Resource Manager:
    Streamlined the settings for the Network Architecture Manager.
  • Feeder and Distribution Fiber Overlap:
    You can now exclude the cost of Distribution Fiber construction for route segments where there is an overlap between planned Feeder and Distribution Fiber.  This setting can be controlled in Planning Constraints Manager.
  • Recaching Vector Tiles for Data Changes:
    We have added the ability to reset vector tiles through the UI under debug mode. This enables you to display equipment, locations, edges, or service layers uploaded through the database without waiting for a system restart.

In addition, this release addressed the following bugs:

  • High-Cost Locations with Plan Optimization:
    Under some circumstances, locations initially identified as meeting a plan optimization type target (e.g., Coverage, Budget, Plan IRR Floor) had resulted in a higher cost than expected when the pruned network is reconstituted.
  • Map Canvas Clicking During Loading:
    Clicking on the map canvas while it is initially loading, such as immediately after logging in or during a browser refresh, had sometimes resulted in losing access to crucial UI elements.