This release includes the following improvements:

  • RFP Module:
    New RFP endpoint enables point-to-point or direct routing for RFPs in a single service area. Note, plans with locations that span multiple service areas constrain routing to a single service area.
  • Edit RFP Plans:
    The plan editing functionality now supports the ability to Edit an RFP plan for individual service areas.
  • RFP Cost Report:
    New RFP Cost report creates a downloadable csv with the detailed costs associated with an RFP plan as well as additional logic to highlight routes which may require a manual review (e.g., based on geographical features that the route traverses).
  • Point-to-Point Network Construction:
    The Network Build and Network Analysis plan types have been expanded to support point-to-point network construction. A point-to-point plan identifies the optimal path for each location individual vs. identifying the optimal path to serve all targeted locations in a service area.
  • Near Net Module:
    New Near-Net module identifies and enables visualization and filtering of opportunities based on distance and cost constraints for planned feeder fiber routes in a single service area and additional meta data (e.g., number of employees, fair share).
  • Near Net Report:
    New Near-Net report creates a downloadable csv with all locations within a distance threshold to planned feeder fiber. This report also includes additional meta data associated with those locations.
  • Sales Executive Perspective:
    A new constrained perspective for Sales Executives has been added supporting visualization of planned fiber and near net opportunity visualization and filtering.
  • Global Search:
    The global search functionality has been enhanced to support searching for plans by name in addition to searching for an address or latitude/longitude.
  • Cable Surcharge:
    Automatically assigns fiber cable sizes to distribution and feeder fiber routes based on plan configurations and locations services. Adds surcharge to fiber costs based on price assigned to different cable sizes.
  • Slack Loops:
    Ability to add slack loops in Edit mode to a plan’s feeder fiber route. Slack Loops have an assigned and configurable price and strand count.
  • Vertex Delete Workflow:
    Ability to edit polygon boundaries (e.g., Hub, Service Area) by selecting one vertex and using the delete key continuously delete vertices.
  • Stacked Location Selection:
    Ability to select individual locations when those location overlap in the plan analysis mode.
  • Cashflow Inputs:
    The financial model has been enhanced to enable more granular inputs for business planning. See user guide for additional detail.
  • Detailed Location Financial Reporting:
    Plan summary reports now support additional financial detail on individual locations routed to in a plan.