This release includes the following improvements:

  • Hub Clustering:
    We have improved the K-Means clustering strategy for Hub-only-split Network Build plans. K-Means now includes road edge types in determining location clusters and placing Fiber Distribution Hubs. Two new settings in the Planning Constrains Manager allow you to define the types of road edges to be included – primary, secondary, or tertiary. You can also define a Hub threshold at which additional road edges are considered in the analysis. In addition, we have improved the consistency of K-means to provide more persistent plan results.
  • Selected Locations in Edit Mode:
    It is now easier to distinguish between locations that are selected for a plan (i.e., through the Locations Selection Type) vs. locations that are in the same service area in Edit mode. In addition, we have improved the location rendering mechanism in Edit mode to speed it up.
  • Competition Resource Manager:
    The Competition Resource Manager can now be updated from the user interface to reflect which providers to include and their relative competitive strength.
  • User Flow Tracking:
    We have incorporated an analytics tool to help us better understand common user flows and provide in application guides for improved user experience. Note, the tracking is limited to user id and their generic workflow. Specific data entered or rendered as output from a plan is never collected.

In addition, this release addressed the following bugs:

  • Plan Details:
    For certain database configurations Super Users were not able to edit plan details.
  • Assign and Unassign in Edit Mode:
    It was not possible to assign or unassign individual locations to or from equipment in Edit mode when there are multiple locations with the exact latitude and longitude.